The Race Issue and the presidential campaign of 1960 Part 1.

Recorded 3 April, 2019, James Madison University

Shenandoah Valley Black Heritage Project:

Part 2.

Part 3.


Dr. John M. Newman: Framing RFK

JFK Lancer Conference Presentation, November, 2018






·      Before any information about the Oswald defection began to flow in

·      Coordination with the Records Integration Division (RID) and the Office of Mail Logistics (OML)

·      Cut off access of all the operations components in the Directorate of Plans (DDP) to incoming Oswald traffic

·      Restrict access to incoming traffic to Security Research Staff (SRS)

·      Prevent the normal opening of a CIA personality 201 file on Oswald in the operations components

·       Place Oswald on the mail intercept watch list

·      Wait for the KGB to prompt the Soviet mole to fall into the trap of requesting information about Oswald

Dr. John Newman (excerpt): What Jane Roman Said











Dr. John M. Newman’s presentation on JFK and Vietnam, second edition. Recorded in two parts June 24, 2017 at James Madison University.

Part One.

Part Two.

The Ochelli Effect: Dr. John Newman


Dr. John M. Newman 2015 public address at Allegany College

Preface: Why Are We Here and Prologue: Dark Operations

Click to Download: Dr.+John+M.+Newman+2015+Allegany+College

Author-led discussion of The Assassination of President Kennedy, Volume I:

Where Angels Tread Lightly

    Dr. John M. Newman and Jefferson Morley: CAPA News Conference, 16 March, 2017


AARC Conference 2014: Panel discussion – Jefferson Morley, Dr. John Newman, David Talbot, Alan Dale


Dr. John M. Newman | C-Span


July 22, 2005 | Dr. John M. Newman | Clip Of September 11 Commission Report Results

September 11 Commission Report Results, Pt. 1 Families of victims, former intelligence officials, and authors spoke at a daylong forum on the September 11 Commission Report. They focused on the methodology of the investigation, recommendations made by the commission, causes of the attacks, and government responses to the attacks. The first half of the forum included such topics as flaws in the process, a call for accountability, foreknowledge and forewarnings of 9/11, as well as omissions and errors in the Commissions’ final report. There were also question and answer discussions between the participants.

January 4, 2010 | Afghanistan and Vietnam

Major John Newman talked about President Kennedy’s handling of Vietnam and compared his policy toward Vietnam with President Obama’s Afghanistan policy. He also responded to telephone calls and electronic communications.


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