Into the Storm: The Assassination of President Kennedy Volume III

An important announcement of an essential contribution to our understanding:

Major John Newman has crafted a groundbreaking work that finally illuminates the dark places where democracy goes to die. Using formerly classified CIA and Military Intelligence documents, Newman — a twenty-year veteran intelligence officer — here exposes the now undeniable involvement of high-level military and intelligence officials in the assassination of my uncle, President John F. Kennedy. Major Newman is a brilliant and meticulous historian and sleuth from whom secrets cannot seem to hide. Newman is the ultimate patriot; devoting his life to righting the treacherous wrongs committed by clandestine spy agencies against our country and revealing existential truths about our national values. By patient parsing, he here exposes the momentous official lies that for fifty years have been corroding the heart of American idealism.

—Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., President, Waterkeeper Alliance, author of American Values, Lessons I Learned from My Family.

Using analytic techniques from his days in Army Intelligence, Newman collates and overlays disparate covert narratives to provide an unmatched overview of his explosive topic: how interagency intrigues have helped obscure our understanding of the JFK assassination. The result is a fresh perspective on many other major events of Kennedy’s curtailed presidency. I have to say that I was so deeply moved by Chapter One, about the Blue Bomb and the 1960 election, that I am almost shaking. The events themselves are very powerful, but so is Newman’s narration (including the last line) — all wonderful! Future serious historians will have to deal with this masterful book.

—Peter Dale Scott is the author of Deep Politics and the Death of JFK, The War Conspiracy, The Road to 9/11, American War Machine, The American Deep State. Dallas ’63, and Poetry and Terror.

Into the Storm turns so-called “settled history” inside out.  Major Newman once again challenges the prevailing orthodoxy and forces us to question, with much greater focus, “facts” previously taken for granted.

—Malcolm Blunt, British Researcher

John Newman is uniquely qualified, as a first-class historian and a highly experienced intelligence analyst, to illuminate that history.  His research is an order of magnitude ahead of all others in the field.  This book is the deepest dive yet into the secret story of the Kennedy years and the dark forces that led up to his assassination.  Into the Storm is epic and cinematic in its sweep and scope.”

—Eric Hamburg, Producer of Nixon film, and former aide to Senator John Kerry


Dr. Newman’s analysis of the now available documents is insightful and well-documented, shedding new light as well as testing things we thought we knew about the history of early 1960’s America. Every serious student of this era should carefully consider this work.  I highly recommend it.

—Former HSCA investigator, Dan Hardway


By centering his third book on the repeated misstatements of three men—Yuri Nosenko, Antonio Veciana, and Sam Halpern—Newman puts the roles of David Phillips, Bobby Kennedy, and the US intelligence community into sharp focus.  Now the work can continue on sure footing.  

Bill Simpich—Author of State Secret: Wiretapping in Mexico City, Double Agents and the Framing of Lee Oswald


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