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Dr. John M. Newman


Dr. John M. Newman, MAJOR, US Army, RETD

Born December 20, 1950, Dayton Ohio, Dr. John Newman is currently Adjunct Professor of Political Science at James Madison University.  For more than 25 years his work has overturned orthodoxies, broken new ground, introduced new facts and produced revelations about America during the Cold War.

Dr. Newman is a retired U.S. Army intelligence officer who served as a strategic intelligence cryptologic analyst before accepting a special two-year appointment to become Military Assistant to the Director, General William Odom at the National Security Agency. He is an expert in Far Eastern studies, a scholar of Christian Theology and comparative religions, an historian and educator. He has testified before various congressional sub-committees, worked as a consultant on PBS Frontline, two Academy Award nominated motion pictures and to U.S. and foreign news agencies.

His works on the Cold War and America’s involvement in Vietnam have been recognized by many, including Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., former CIA Director William Colby, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Dr. James Galbraith to be among the most authoritative and significant yet published.

His 1991 book, JFK and Vietnam, documents President Kennedy’s navigation of a dangerous course through cold war hot spots and a divided administration. What eventually emerged is an astonishingly dishonorable deception: a deliberate attempt to manipulate the President of the United States into authorizing a war policy to which he was fundamentally opposed.

Published in 1995, updated and expanded in 2008, his second book, Oswald and the CIA used the enormous collection of federal agency documents newly released by the ARRB to explore the CIA’s keen operational interest in Lee Harvey Oswald.

Dr. Newman re-entered the JFK case in 2015 with the publication of Where Angels Tread Lightly: The Assassination of President Kennedy, Volume One. The updated and expanded second edition of JFK and Vietnam appeared in January 2017, as did Volume Two in his series on the Kennedy presidency, Countdown to Darkness. Volume III, Into the Storm was published in January of 2019. Volume IV: Uncovering Popov’s Mole was published September of 2022. He is currently at work on Volume V: Armageddon and will follow with an additional supplemental project on the 1960s.


BA Chinese Studies, George Washington University (1973)
MA East Asian Studies, George Washington University (1976)
PhD Modern Far Eastern History, George Washington University (1992)


US Army Intelligence, 1974-1994
Assistant to the Director, National Security Agency, 1988-1990
US Army Attaché in China, 1990-1992
Professor, University of Maryland, 1981-Present
Honors Professor, University of Maryland, 1994-2012
Adjunct Professor, James Madison University, 2013-
Yoga Instructor, 2006-present


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